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Jennifer West and Future Proof Fitness bring you the 'Train Like Me guides! A series of guides where you can quite literally train like Jen. There are 3 gym based guides and 1 home based guide to choose from and, incase you were wondering, they are all exercises and sessions that Jennifer follows herself! If you wanted to know how Jen trains to be as fit and strong as she is, now you can find out. All guides are suitable for beginner to advanced as they all come with adaptions teaching you how to adjust the exercises to make them more suitable to your level! Jennifer always ensures that her training is progressive so that results regularly follow. With progressive training you gradually increase the difficulty as you improve with fitness or strength so your body is always being pushed to its limits. This is how you ensure ongoing results! All guides come complete with a nutritional plan  where Jen teaches you how to eat for your goals and provides you with the tools to do it yourself. You will never need to go on a diet again. Jennifer will help you to create a healthy relationship with food and your body with a flexible, fun training plan and a diet where nothing is  off the table! 

Home guide- £16.99
12 wek pic.JPG
4 week Gym Guide- £11.99
8 week Gym Guide- £18.99
12 week Gym Guide- £29.99

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