Missed out on 40 LIVE?...



That's 40 LIVE workouts completed so what happens next?


If you've just completed 40 LIVE then don't worry... it isn't over yet! You've been pushed to your absolute limits by me, coach Jennifer West! I've lead you through a variety of workouts over the past 2 months testing your fitness, strength, endurance and mental strength. Whether you did all 40 workouts, 30 of them or even half...that is more then not doing anything at all so you should be proud of yourself! The Facebook group is going to be left active for 2 more weeks for all participants before Phase 2 of 40 LIVE begins. If you didn't take part in 40 LIVE and want to give it a go then keep reading as you can also take part in phase 2!


Phase 2: ALL 40 workouts will be left on the Facebook group and Challengers will go back to session 1/40 and work through all of the workouts again...however THIS TIME you will be given the opportunity to use weights and/or bands to increase the intensity of the workouts further should you wish to. At the beginning of each week training adaptions will be uploaded to show you how to adapt the exercises on the workouts for that week if you would like to use bands and/or weights. You do not have to use them though, you can follow the workouts as they are! They are by no means easy as it is! And just like 40 LIVE you are challenged to complete all 40 workouts in 8 weeks averaging at 5 per week! You can even do 6 per week if you choose to do the bonus workout in addition to the 5 weekly workouts. Otherwise you can substitute one of the weekly workouts for the bonus one.


For those who are new to the challenge, you will also have the flexibility of choosing to either do the workouts with or without weights and bands. The workouts include challenging bodyweight exercises, core, cardio, HIIT and strength. 

BONUS workouts...There will be BONUS workouts uploaded each week where some will be LIVE and some will be uploaded in video or image format! There will be 8 bonus workouts and these will all include weights or/and bands. 

Lastly.. I will be uploading more delicious recipes and will be regularly active on the group to check in with you all, answer your questions and to motivate you through it! it is not over yet! 

What can I expect? 

Phase 2 starts on the 15th March 2021. The Facebook group will remain active with all members until this date where Phase 2 challengers will be granted continued access to have me coach them through another 40 challenging workouts with weight adaptions and new bonus workouts!


What are the workouts like?

If you did 40 LIVE then you will already know exactly what is in store.. fun, varied and challenging workouts and now with a twist! The workouts will vary each week and will cover strength, core, cardio, HIIT and endurance to challenge you on all levels! ( Option to use weights and/or bands should you wish). Not all exercises will be able to be performed with weights or bands but you will be able to incorporate them into more than 50% of the original workouts. From participating in Phase 2 you will see vast improvements in your ability to push yourself aside from improved fitness, strength and endurance! You may even notice changes in your body composition.. increased muscle tone and decreased body fat. 


Whilst a lot of us often want to improve our body composition, and in particular, reduce body fat, the real reward from working out is getting stronger and fitter. Our bodies feeling capable and strong is so empowering! 

What else is included?

Your nutrition! Yes! Not only do you get 40 workouts to complete, I will also give you the full low down on diet and nutrition helping you to get the most out of the challenge whether you'd like to lose body fat or not. With regular workouts, it's important to fuel your body well aside from eating for body composition goals. Learn how to set your calories for your goals with the tools to work out roughly how many calories your body actually needs! There will be NO starving yourself, NO denying yourself of the foods and drinks you love... not on Jens watch! Yes, it's the new year and we all want to run at it full speed cutting out this and denying ourselves of that, exercising endlessly all to inevitably give up because it's such a miserable unrealistic existence. Sustainability is KING when it comes to getting results! I am a massive advocate of sustainability! Enjoying food is important and you do not need to cut out ANYTHING to get great results. Wouldn't you like to just not feel like you are on a diet for once but STILL be able to achieve your goals? Well it can be done. I will show you how! 

And lastly...

This will all be happening on the current private 40 LIVE Facebook group. You will be able to interact with fellow challengers old and new and motivate each other, support one another and make new friends! I know a lot of the current challengers have formed some strong friendships and don't want to see them come to an end. 40 Live Phase 2 is a friendly and motivating environment where you will feel safe and comfortable. I am so proud of how the challengers have been there for one another, supported one another and been so kind. I will be checking in daily on the group to answer any questions you may have and motivate you through this next phase.

How much does it cost?

Phase 2 cost just £20 to take part!

How to get involved.

Click the little button above to sign up! New members will be granted access the day before the challenge begins. Current members will be given continued access so do not need to do anything.