About Future Proof Fitness

Future Proof Fitness was created by Jennifer West. You may know Jennifer has a Challenge champion on MTV's show 'The Challenge' or from ITV'S Survival Of The Fittest!

Jennifer created her online platform 'Future Proof Fitness' as she wanted to be able to help and educate as many people as she could. Jennifer is a massive believer in protecting your future self... what you do today affects you in years to come. Start making your body and mind  strong and healthy now and reap the rewards later in life. Yes it's nice to look great from training but Jennifer knows that the REAL reward is your health when you're older. Stop thinking quick fix and start thinking future self. 


Jennifer loves to work hard when she works out and really pushes herself to her limits enabling her to dominate on MTV's The Challenge! And finally, after working in the fitness industry for over 8 years and having helped thousands with her expertise, Jennifer has developed her own guides in which she has collated her most used exercises into 5 fun yet challenging guides aptly named 'Train Like Me'.

These Train Like Me guides include The Home guide

(Using weights) Band and Body Weight Home Guide (using bands), 4 -Week GYM Guide, 8- Week GYM Guide

and the 12 -Week GYM Guide.

If you are looking to get stronger, improve your mental wellbeing, feel fitter, more flexible...basically be a BEAST than why not train like Jen? With 5 guides to choose from and suitable for most ages and abilities there is certainly something to challenge you, make you sweat and get you to your goals.