What you are saying...

I can't believe I can finally eat what I want and get results! 


I have never EVER come across  diet plan that is NOTHING like a diet plan! Well, what you'd imagine a diet plan would look like. I can eat chocolate everyday, drink a glass of wine midweek and don't feel guilty at all because I stick to my calories. I weigh 163lbs and I am 5ft 3, my BMR is roughly 1600. Ive been on diets before where I could only eat 1200 cals and it was mostly fish and broccoli. Because I can eat naughty food whenever I like now the need to binge on it has gone away cos I don't have to wait until my cheat meal like on previous plans. 

The training is fun and varied and given me loads of ideas! Its tough don't get me wrong, but I ca do it! This girl is well on her way! 

Tracey. B

So glad I decided to do this!

I have bought numerous online plans before and they are generally alright, but too easy. I don't feel like I can progress, they start easy but I get stuck in a rut. Jen asked me to trial her 8 week plan ahead of it's launch and I am not just saying this but I will recommend it to everyone. It allows you to push yourself more than you thought possible and it is nice getting an insight in to how she trains. I can confirm that this plan is no joke! Foods great too, I've not felt restricted at all, my aim is to grow muscle not to lose weight so I have calculated my BMR with the guides help and have maintained my weight so far so will up my calories now. Get it, you won't regret it! 

Jack D.

Jen trains like a beast!


I got the 8 week plan and was so excited, everything looked really good, you get a plan that shows you all the workouts you will be doing. There is an exercise log book that tells you how to do the exercises so you know you're doing them right which is really helpful cos I then I know I am on track. The exercises are so fun and I really enjoy my training! Jen trains like a beast and its's nice to know I can do the same things she does. Very happy so far and can't wait to see my results!

Elouise Blackman

Finally home training guides that actually tires me out


I don't have a gym membership because I don't drive and don't live within walking distance of a gym either. I have done many home training in my time and I like the direction. This home guide is great, you need to purchase some weights to do it but luckily I have loads already. I used my 7kg KB and then some lighter weights too. I also use my small bar just to mix things up. I like that this home guide actually includes weights rather than all body weight exercises ..I actually feel like I am working hard and making progress! Which is nice for a change as I had gotten stuck in a rut and this home guide actually tires me out! Thanks Future Proof Fitness! Maybe when I eventually learn to drive I will buy the gym guide! 

Sarah Ashott 

'Okay this is what it says on the tin


I wanted to follow training plans that pushed me like never before and does this do that! I'm on month 2 of the 12 week guide and I LOVE IT. The training is hard, like I am sweating so so much but I feel like I am working so much harder than I thought I could. This is exactly what I wanted and does what it say's on the tin... thank you so much Jenny, I genuinely am impressed by what I am able to do! The food plan is easy to follow because I can eat what I want which took a bit of adjusting but I trusted the method and so far have managed to lose 5lbs which I am shocked about because I had cake 3 times last week!

Rachel R

'67 years old and gaining back independence!'


I started working with Jenny 6 months before my son was married. I desperately wanted to lose weight and was not having much success on my own. I followed Jenny's advice on my diet and kept a food diary. I also worked out with her once a week. I lost a stone and a half and felt great at the wedding. In that time I also started to feel very strong and more confident in everyday activities. 

I am 67 years old and only wish I had met Jenny years ago. I have now worked with Jenny for 18 months and will definitely carry on with our sessions. She is fun to work with, very caring and supportive. I highly recommend Jennifer West to anyone of any age looking for a personal trainer.

Thank you Jenny, for making such a difference. 

Mary Smith. 

'Jen believed in me and now

I've lost 3 and a half stone!'

I've been a client of Jenny's since I was 19 (I'm now 24) The start of my weight loss journey was originally for my ex boyfriends deployment homecoming where Jen taught me how to train my body and to eat healthily. I lost about 2 stone in this time and loved every second of being Jen's client. Ive watched Jen prep herself for numerous competitions over the years and It's been such an inspiration! In December 2016 I told Jen I wanted to compete...but I was back at obese ( cause Ive always struggled with my diet) but this didn't phase her, she believed in me since day one and never once doubted me!! She took me on to coach me for a bikini show. Jen is the most motivating, talkative, friendly, lovely, inspirational, strong and supportive person I have ever met. She puts your goal first and never gives up even when you want to yourself. She makes realistic plans within a realistic time frame, no fad diets, no quick fixes.

Jen has genuinley changed my life! Im now three and a half stone down and never going back. We're heading for the stage, slowly but surely. 

Rosie Lowe.

'Jen is so motivating and supportive

it's given me the confidence to compete!'


I have been working with Jen for four months and already I am so happy with the results I have achieved. Jen is so passionate bout fitness and she really gives me the motivation to achieve my goals. She is really approachable and experienced and has taught me so much about form and how to effectively target certain muscle groups. I am pushed to my limits on every session and each week is varied and increasing in difficulty- tailored to the goals I want to achieve. Jen also supports me with a personalised nutrition plan which is suited to my body type and lifestyle. I really look up to Jen and her passion and drive to achieve her own goals. For me, she is a daily reminder that I can achieve anything that I set my mind to and I hope that as I continue my work with her over the next year I will be able to compete in my first fitness competition. 

Sophie B. 

I am being pushed to my limits and LOVE it 


I love the gym and have been going for years, but I am not good at pushing myself. The guide gives me direction and purpose when I walk into the gym. I use the training notes to make sure I a getting the exercises done right and have so far felt like I have worked so hard! I have pushed myself to my limits and I have to say that I love it! Which is rare for me. 

Sean T 

I can eat what I want AND have stopped binge eating. 


If you love food then stop what you'e doing, whatever silly food plan you're following and get this plan! The food is great, the training is great. I am eating whatever I want..I used to binge so much at the weekend when I would relax my diet plan but it would lead to me overeating, I couldn't stop because I felt like I needed to eat all the junk now whilst it was cheat meal . I would make no progress at all. Now I stick to my calories each day which is 2000 because I am very active and i have to say that sometimes is struggle to eat that many calories. I know how to work my food to my goals and it's crazy to me to think that everyone wouldn't eat this way when it is so easy. No starving and binging, I'll never go back! 

Casey K

I've had trainers before and NONE of them compare to Jen..

I've had Trainers before and they can't be compared to Jen. I cannot believe how my body has changed shape so quickly in the short time I have trained with Jen. It just didn't happen with other trainers. I get a bad pain in my left hip. Jen is able to give me stretches that keep me training to my full potential every session. The knowledge Jen brings is as good as the results I see physically on myself. I understand the technique for the exercises I am doing and why I am doing it. Above that she's just great to be around too! She inspires you. Makes you excited to train. She's something else is Jen.

Tom Bell.

'Jen motivates me to train harder

and better than ever!'


Jen was recommended to me by my daughter. As soon as I met Jen I realised that I had made the right decision. She is a fantastic physical example of her own expertise. I started to utilise Jens know how in January 2015, having never been a gym member before. We discussed what I wanted out of our sessions and Jen explained to me how she would help me to get those results for me. My weight has been reduced to where I want it to be, my body has changed shape quite dramatically. My body fat has come down to a very healthy 17%. I eat better under Jens direction and train better and harder than I have ever done. My PT sessions with Jen are alway varied and challenging, which is exactly how I want them to be. Her enthusiasm is infectious and the sessions. although challenging, are always fun. She certainly knows how to get the best out of her clients. Jen is always informative and always explains why you do things and why you do them in a specific way. 

I would recommend Jen without hesitation, no matter what your goals or capabilities are. 

Ste Lloyd. 

'I overcame my sweet tooth 

and dropped 3 dress sizes'


My experience of working with Jen has been very positive. I had a bad sweet tooth and always struggled with trying not to eat all the bad things I loved. Jen not only taught me how to train but how to eat right too! It was strange at first to eat every 2-3 hours (surely I would put on weight) and to put my faith and trust in her. My body shape changed and I became a lot leaner. She incorporated plenty of treats on the plan and I really looked forward to them. If you do have a sweet tooth it doesn't have to be all or nothing but you do need  to be relatively strict. I didn't lose more than 1.5 stones but I went from a dress size 12/14 to an 8/10 in roughly 6 months. She was always on the other end of the phone to answer questions. For example, I could be out for tea and cant choose what to have and she'd advise me what to have. She has since become one of my good friends and I would recommend her to anyone. You're not just a client to her....she genuinely cares. 

Suzanne  C

'I lost 3 stone and ENJOY the gym!'

I started training with Jen 3 years ago in a bid to lose some weight and get fit. I have never been into any kind of sports so I was totally shocked by how much I enjoyed it! Not only has my overall fitness and strength improved but I've also lost 3 stone! I have one session per week with Jen. She makes the sessions fun but hard work. She is energetic and bubbly and is very good at what she does. She helps me with my nutrition and sets me goals. I would definitely recommend Jen as a personal trainer, but please be aware she cant count!


Denise Bradley.

'My mindset has completely changed

and now I feel in control of my diet for 

the first time ever!'

After years of being unhappy with my body weight and having tried nearly every diet there is with no success, a friend mentioned they'd been training with Jen and gotten great results so I decided to get in touch! And I'm glad I did! Having prioritised a stressful, sedentary job for years over making time for my health and the gym, I was keen to get back into exercising. I have been training with Jen for 16 months now and in that time I have not only lost weight, toned, improved my fitness and health...my confidence and self esteem have improved drastically! Jens positivity, enthusiasm and motivation is so contagious that I always come away from our sessions feeling really motivated.  One unexpected change is my mindset....my outlook is far more positive now. Jens made me realise that is was my own lack of self belief that has held me back from achieving my weight and fitness goals over the years. Jen is such a supportive and caring personal trainer. My decision to train with Jen is one of the best decisions I've ever made! 

Melissa P.


'Weight training has helped me lose fat and

I thought only cardio would do that!'

16 months ago I was totally bored of my mundane gym routine and was thinking of quitting the gym altogether. One day I decided to try one of Jenny's classes at the gym and absolutely loved it, it was right up my street. 

I then got chatting to Jenny after the class and she said she was a personal trainer and offered help with my nutrition. I had never lifted a weight before and was very sceptical about how this could possibly help me lose weight. (Surely an hour of cardio would burn more calories?)  I decided to give it a go anyway and was totally convinced it wouldn't work. OMG how wrong could I have possibly been!!!! 

16 months later, Ive dropped three dress sizes, my body shape has completely changed and I'm lifting weights I never thought I would. Diet wise I'm never hungry, I just eat good nutritious food that my body needs. I'm not a massive fan of lifting weights but please trust me when I say that it's absolutely the right thing to do if you want to lose weight and change your body shape.

J Orrell.